Classes at Wasatch CrossFit Race

Welcome to Wasatch CrossFit Race, where we offer a variety of classes and training options suitable for all fitness levels. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals through fun, coach-led classes and a supportive, inclusive community.

Our coach-led group classes are the heart of our fitness community. Whether you're new to CrossFit or a seasoned athlete, our expert coaches will guide you through each session, providing modifications and scaled workouts to accommodate all levels of fitness. With a focus on great mechanics, technique, and building a fun community, our classes will help you stay healthy, strong, and motivated to reach your fitness goals.

CrossFit Kids Classes

At Wasatch CrossFit Race, we believe in nurturing a love for fitness from a young age. Our CrossFit Kids Classes are designed to introduce children to the principles of fitness in a fun and supportive environment. Led by experienced coaches, these classes focus on building strength, endurance, and confidence in a way that's both safe and enjoyable for kids of all ages and fitness levels.

Ages: 7-13

*Please reach out for more information: Brittany 801-232-7900

Open Gym Hours

Members at Wasatch CrossFit Race have access to open gym sessions with a coach on site, providing an opportunity to complete the day's workout, catch up on any missed workouts, and work on accessory movements.

Our open gym hours are a great way to focus on individual training goals, with our coaches on hand to offer guidance and support.

Monday-Thursday: 6pm-7pm

Friday: 5-6:30pm

Summer hours: June 17th-Aug 2nd

Monday-Friday: 7am-9am

Join Our Community

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Join our community at Wasatch CrossFit Race and experience the difference of a family-owned, community-oriented gym. No matter your fitness level, we welcome you to become part of our supportive and inclusive community. Get started today and let's work together to reach your fitness goals!