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Welcome to Wasatch

        Crossfit Race


A race to become the best you!

"It's not about how hard the workout is. It's about how hard you work during the workout"


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is overall health. CrossFit strives to create a better lifestyle for all in a fun and exciting way. Crossfit is a high-intensity set of functional movements that overall assists in strength, mobility, and endurance.  It is a one-of-a-kind workout regimen that won't take much time out of the daily hustle and bustle of work, kids, and life in general.

Is CrossFit Right For Me?

CrossFit is for EVERYONE!  Each functional movement can be adjusted to fit every need. CrossFit can help reach health and fitness goals one never thought possible. 


Give us a try and see for yourself!!

How Can I Make The Most Out of CrossFit?

To get the most out of CrossFit is to just show up!

Each and every class with our amazing top notch coaches and wonderful community will keep you wanting to come back for more.  Every time you step in the door you are learning something new or building more strength and endurance. Every functional movement will apply to your everyday life. You will find you can run and play with your kids longer, hike that 15 mile trail you've always wanted to take, or lift that large bag of dog food without a problem. 





Wasatch CrossFit Race

803 N. 1250 W. Suite #2

Centerville, UT. 84014


Tel: 801-232-7900

Tel: 435-962-8254

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